OPAC Performance


The environment of increasing responsibility for post harvest operators has created a landscape where returns to growers become crucial in the competitive positioning within the post harvest industry.  Post harvest operators can influence grower premiums by such things as the timing of harvest (which affects dry matter and fruit size), the pack types they use, and the level of fruit loss incurred.  

OPAC considers it has performed very well in recent years, as judged by its performance against mean Zespri data, below, and secondly, as judged by its customer retention.

The tables below show the premiums that OPAC has been able to achieve for its growers over previous seasons.

Average Sungold (G3) and Hayward (HW) OGR Performance
2017 Performance 

The percentage achieved above the industry mean as published by Zespri over the past five years, averages 2.19% for Gold and 3.48% for Green.  These have been achieved as a result of fruit loss levels that have been consistently and materially below industry averages. In addition to premiums developed from storage performance the geographical location of OPAC's supply base allows our growers to capture a greater proportion of early harvest Zespri premiums (KiwiStart).