Orchard Services

Orchard Operations Manager - Simon Dondi

Simon has been with Opac for 9 years since coming to NZ from Kenya, initially working as a Senior Orchard Manager and appointed to the Orchard Operations Manager role in early 2016.

Simon has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree from University of Nairobi-Kenya. He has a strong background in managing large scale horticultural operations before joining Opac, and has now added to that an excellent knowledge of growing kiwifruit.

Email Simon:simon.dondi@opac.co.nz 

OP14 Simon Dondi  
Gisborne Grower Liaison - Alan Henderson

A well-known face in Gisborne, Alan initially joined the kiwifruit industry for a six week stint in a packhouse when he was with the then Dalgety Crown Company as a stock and station agent. Some 26 years later and he is still enjoying his work in the kiwifruit industry; for Alan it's all about the people.

Alan describes himself as the 'go to guy' for the Gisborne growers. His focus is on building enduring relationships with the local kiwifruit community and ensuring that growers receive the best support possible. Based in Gisborne with a small field team, Alan facilitates the delivery of a depth of services from the entire OPAC team, including post-harvest services, orchard management, technical services, Psa monitoring, crop counting and more. 

Alan is excited about the future of the industry in the Gisborne region and believes there is as yet untapped potential for new kiwifruit orchard developments.

Email Alan:alan.henderson@opac.co.nz 

OP14 Alan Henderson Resize  
Senior Orchard Manager - Warren Bridges

Warren has his feet planted securely in the here and now, while holding a strong vision for OPAC's future. In his day-to-day work, Warren enjoys sharing his 20 years-plus of orchard management, packhouse experience and horticultural training with his colleagues an orchard team.

He believes strongly in time spent in the orchard, where he applies the power of observation to develop the best solutions for every vine and orchard.

Warren maintains his focus on the future through his commitment to driving improvements that maximise production whilst maintaining production potential. Warren is also looking to the future through his work with new varieties and techniques: since 1994, he has been involved in national and international trials with Zespri, Hort Research and Plant and Food Research.

Email Warren:warren.bridges@opac.co.nz 

OP14 Warren Bridges Orchard Manager Adjusted 2  
Grower Services Representative - Technical - Craig Ward

Craig says he is passionate about helping growers to produce high yields of quality fruit, and in taking the latest research and working out how it could be practically applied on orchard in a way that benefits us. Particular areas of interest are crop protection and fruit maturity standards.

Craig grew up on a mix enterprise farm and orchard in the BOP before heading off to Massey University to study a Bachelor of Applied Science in Horticulture and a Post Graduate Diploma of AgriScience in Horticulture. He started part time in the kiwifruit industry in 2004 and has had jobs ranging from pruning and fertilising, through fruit maturity testing, to roles in grower services and technical services.



Email Craig:craig.ward@opac.co.nz 

Orchard Manager Te Kaha - Royce Hau

Royce Hau’s Whakapapa is Te Whanau a Apanui, with affiliations into Whakakatohea, Ngati Wai and Nga Puhi. He now manages whanau kiwifruit orchards in Te Kaha and his passion is to develop his whanau and locals to manage their own whanau orchards.

Royce joined OPAC in 2010 as an orchard worker, transitioning into 2 years supervising, then 2 years in Opotiki as a Trainee Manager. During his time at OPAC, he has completed up to level 5 Horticultural studies and has boosted his experience in all aspects of the kiwifruit industry.

Royce brings a wide range of management skills to OPAC, with experience in process management, recruiting, mentoring, training, performance management, problem solving, conflict resolution and logistics.

Royce’s analytical approach to growing kiwifruit, coupled with his management skills supports OPAC’s values in growing great fruit, growing great people and growing great communities; benefiting OPAC’s growers.

Email Royce:royce.hau@opac.co.nz 

Orchard Manager - Rene Kapa

Rene's background includes business management and human resources and communications qualifications. 

Rene has experience working with local EBOP Iwi Ngati Awa in an Agribusiness financial management capacity and we look forward to further introducing Rene to the practical aspects of the kiwifruit industry. He will be working across all aspects of orchard management with support from the rest of the Orchard Management team.

Email Rene:rene.kapa@opac.co.nz 

Rene Kapa  
Orchard Manager - Ricky Barring

Ricky's background in horticulture extends back to his home in India.  Since moving to New Zealand in 2010, he has extended his horticultural skills from orchard worker, to supervisor, to trainee orchard manager.  As an Orchard Manager, Ricky is able to utilise and underpin his orchard management decisions from formal study and research.

Ricky's analytical and practical approach to growing kiwifruit, supports OPAC growers to realise best possible OGR.  Ricky's says that communicating and liaising with and for growers, allows him to build strong relationships across the business.

Email Ricky:ricky.barring@opac.co.nz 

Ricky Barring